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Kindness Week in Ottawa is only possible with the generous support of our Sponsors:

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We need kindness more than ever!

The city-wide Kind Ottawa Initiative together with its flagship event, Kindness Week, will be celebrating its 16th Anniversary in 2023.  Kind Ottawa has become a vibrant movement in our community, encouraging people to “choose to be kind” and recognizing those who engage in everyday acts of kindness.  Kindness Week 2023 will take place from February 17th–24th

Founded by the late Rabbi Reuven Bulka, community leaders and volunteers from across Ottawa employ their resources, experience, and enthusiasm to bring the Kind Ottawa initiative and Kindness Week to life. 

Stay tuned to the Kind Ottawa Social Media all week, we will share messages from community leaders, feature special performances, share stories of kindness, suggest ways that you can be kind and feature submissions from our very own Kindness Art Show, and much more . . . 


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