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Co-ordination Service

Our Co-ordination Service is the backbone of our existence. As the reason for our organization's birth way back in 1915, the Co-ordination Service we provide to the Ottawa community ensures that no one in need of assistance goes without. This service also allows the donor dollars being given to nearly 250 community organizations to be distributed evenly and fairly. The Co-ordination service is provided to these agencies free of charge.

santaJust like Santa, we're making a list and checking it twice!

The Caring and Sharing Exchange works closely with many different agencies that either provide assistance or request assistance for their clients. During this process, we collect the names of the individuals other organizations are helping, as well as the names of the individuals who still need help. Caring & Sharing cross-references the names in order to ensure that (a) all clients in need are matched with an organization providing assistance, and (b) no client is being helped by more than one organization. By running these "duplication checks" we ensure that assistance is distributed evenly within the community and that everyone applying for assistance receives it.

This has saved the community and agencies nearly $300,000 over the past three years!

coordination_greyAre you helping Ottawa residents? Save time and money by joining forces with other caring agencies like yours:

  • You can save your organization money by not providing help to someone who has already received assistance;
  • You can save other caring organizations like yours money by letting them know who you have helped;
  • You can assure donors that their gift is used in the most efficient way possible, going to where it is most needed;
  • We provide this service free of charge.

Call 613-226-6434 ext. 232 to register your agency for this program.

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