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How to Donate School Supplies

How To Donate School Supplies 

What to donate and where:

student_success_petitFinancial donations are preferred. With these funds we are able to purchase new school supplies in bulk at a discounted rate, allowing your donor dollar to go further. For those wishing to donate school supplies, please see the list of most-needed items below.

We are extremely grateful for any donations we receive for this incredible program. Due to the high volume of items we receive in the lead up to SISS, as well as the quantities of each supply that we distribute per grade level, there are some items that we are more in need of than others.

Most-needed items for September 2024:

  • NEW Backpacks (child or youth-sized, with no corporate logos, offensive designs, or text)
  • NEW Pencil Cases
  • NEW Lined Notebooks
  • NEW Crayons
  • NEW Glue Sticks
  • NEW Pencils
  • NEW Ballpoint pens (black or blue)
  • NEW Erasers
  • NEW Coloured Pencils
  • NEW Metric Rulers
  • NEW Duotangs
  • NEW Calculators (Regular)
  • NEW Geometry Sets
  • NEW Packages of Lined Paper
  • NEW Highlighters
  • NEW Blunt Scissors (we cannot accept sharp scissors - we only give out scissors that are appropriate for children)

 Please contact Rebecca at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about when we are able to accept donations and where you can dropoff.

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